Red, White, and Light Deviled Eggs

My grandma made these colorful deviled eggs for Easter every year; and, although ‘plain old’ eggs probably wouldn’t have been as appealing as the boatloads of candy around on easter day, these ruby red versions caught my attention and made deviled eggs a favorite of mine ever since.

While mini-me only ate these around easter, older me has found that the red and white combo is a perfect match for Christmas and Fourth of July as well. And, if you let brine only until pink- they are perfect for pretty much anything, birthday parties, picnics, brunch, whatever!

I switched up things a little further and swapped out some of the normal filling ingredients (which certainly are devilish) for always-angelic cauliflower. This switch makes the end product half the calories of their original deviled alter-ego and just as yummy! The cauliflower filler cuts cholesterol, fat, and calories, and makes for a true appetizer instead of a meal-level nutrition bomb. So reel them in with the color and get them hooked on something they won’t regret loving!

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This BBQ sauce can be used for anything- that is the magic of it. By adding a bit of molasses it becomes amazing for pulled pork sandwiches, by using rice vinegar and sesame oil it becomes perfect for teriyaki inspired BBQ chicken and rice, or it can be used as is for a great basic for anything from ribs to BBQ chicken pizza!

Read on for the recipe and nutrition facts:

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Summer Potato Salad


When I want potato salad, I really want potato salad – not some healthy version thereof that is loaded with veggies (I know health nut blasphemy… but admit it – you feel the same way). The only problem with embracing all that carby, creamy goodness in the typical delicious, deli-aided fashion, is that summer is supposed to be about running around outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather- which is pretty hard to do when you are stuffed to the brim with summatime junk food, and all you want to do is conk out on the sofa. I love this recipe because it keeps everything I love taste-wise about the original, and I can still go for a run on the beach or head out on the water after a double serving of it with lunch!

Read on for the recipe and nutrition facts:

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Chocolate Covered Banana Bagels


There is just something so right about waking up to chocolate in the morning.

Make these beginner-baker friendly bagels at the beginning of the week and you can wake up to chocolate all week long. I have been topping them with this jam, but they would also be amazing with cream cheese, or some ricotta and honey for those that can mange le fromage.

Read on for the recipe to this healthy and deliciously chocolate-y way to wake up:

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Chickbean Swirled Cookie Cake


What is better than cookie cake? What about brownies? Answer: Both swirled together into sweet and chocolately awesomeness.

Just whip up one of each of these recipes and drop super large spoonfuls into a nonstick 9×13, then take a knife and drag it in a swirling motion through the batters. Once you get a good swirl going on, pop it in the oven at 350 for 20-30 minutes, depending on how soft or crispy crusted you like yours.

Click on for the nutrition facts:

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Black, White, and Green All Over: Avocado Chocolate Coffee Cake with Vanilla Glaze


I’m in Europe! So this post is going to be short and sweet …. punny :)

I love using avocado as the oil in this cake because it makes a moist and delicious base that isn’t too sweet to serve with this basic, bright, and super pretty vanilla glaze. This cake is so easy and surefire perfection that I will be going back to this recipe for a dish to pass or company’s-over dessert many a time.

Read on for the recipe and nutrition facts, and enjoy!

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Curry and Cayenne Crispy Smashed Potatoes


 Ever pick the onions out of something before? No, not to toss them to the dog or hide them under your napkin, but to devour them before anyone else can get to them. Not kidding at all – crispy, sweet, spicy mother of goodness this is amazing. Brats on the grill + this = sweet summertime supper success. I. Can. Not. Wait. to make this again!

Read on for the recipe and nutrition facts – but go preheat the oven first.

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Best of the Blogs: To-Die-For Nutty Caramel Corn


This popcorn! Thats all I have to say today.

Check out the pictures for proof of its awesomeness. Thank goodness I took them quickly because this stuff FLEW out of my kitchen. Can’t wait for another movie night to whip up this quick and delicious snack!

Raspberry Cloud Cupcakes


I graduated! Thus: Baking :)

When I needed to whip up a universally-likable and easily mass-produced cupcake for a graduation celebration last Saturday I decided to try something lighter (as nothing else is light during times of celebration).


These fancied up angel food cupcakes were ADORED! From the dads, to the grandparents, to the moms, kids, and especially we graduates- no demographic found them too sweet, too light, or too dainty. It is always so nice to find a worry-banishing recipe for special events, when things have to be just right.

Read on for the recipe and nutrition facts:

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Vegan Sweet Skillet Cornbread and Corndog Cornbread


What’s up homeskillet? This cornbread, that’s what’s up.

Nothing fixes a carb craving like some good, crumbly cornbread; and this recipe is perfection. With 3 little tweaks to the original mix this bread brings a whole new meaning to comfort food.

1. Baking it up in a skillet or frypan ensures that there is a to-die-for crunchy crust around the outside while the middle is still sweet, salty and fluffy. 2. Using bacon fat is just necessary… I may not be southern but midwestern is close enough. 3.My mom always threw a can of creamed corn into our cornbread at home-so I can’t imagine my bread without the real stuff in there!


Read on for the recipe and nutrition facts:

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