Holla for Challah!

Basic, beautiful, and scrumdiddlyumptious! This no fuss recipe even uses a bread maker to make your life unbelievably easy. I topped mine with Ghee, I just love the flavor! I also divided the recipe into two, making 2X the happy recipients, and the loaves were still huge. (If I were to use mine for sandwiches or french toast, I would keep the recipe as one loaf.) Thank you so much to Dine and Dish for the recipe!

Risen in the bread machine.

Warning: Don’t talk on the phone while doing this. Sorry dad for dropping you on the floor while screaming ‘OH MY GOODNESS! The machine! Why is the machine back on??!?!’ That had to be confusing….. 

The dough balls, they always seem to look the
same no matter what we are making… 
Ready to braid, dance class days are about to pay off.

Risen, a ton!

Brushed with Ghee

Ready for its close up

Two lovely loaves


  1. Your loaves turned out absolutely gorgeous! Makes me hungry for some now :)

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